What It Takes to be Successful in the 21st Century that Nobody’s Teaching You.

What it once took to be successful no longer works. The 21st century has brought its own set of rules.

Learn how the information age has turned the success game upside down and what it takes for you to win in today's game.

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What You'll Learn

Not Taught punches you in the face with the new realities of work today and offers clear strategies on how to be successful in this crazy information-driven world. You'll learn:

What's Changed
The Internet has changed everything. Unlimited access to information at our fingertips has fundamentally changed the world and what it takes for YOU to win. Learn how these changes are creating opportunity, not limiting it.
The New Tools
The tools and skills to success have changed. The old tools; resumes, experience and degress are giving way to results, expertise and reach. Learn what tools today's new breed of power players are using to drive their success.
What to Do
What you've done in the past is no longer good enough. The information age is changing how we find, evaluate, engage and hire people. Discover unique and powerful ways to connect with larger audiences, wield greater influence and win in the 21st century.
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Many people have used the techniques used in this eBook to improve their quality of life.

Johanna Querry Smith

"Motivating! Not Taught made me stop and think about what I knew (and didn't know) about building a successful brand. It's filled with so much heart, passion and actionable advice that I found myself pausing to take it all in. This is the first book of its type that made me truly rethink my strategies and open my eyes to new ideas. I love Jim Keenan's wit and humor in delivering a powerful message. A must-read for all."

Gene Carr

Awesome Read! Think you're doing everything right to advance your career? You won't after you read this! It's a big wake-up call about how the world really works. Keenan tells it like it is and spells out what you should be doing right now.

Elinor Stutz

I highly recommend this book to anyone contemplating further education, developing a business or entering the profession of sales. The insights are invaluable.

About The Author

"Some of you aren't going to like what I say in this book. I get it. It's not for everyone. It's not a comfortable book. It is however, what was required to be said. I didn't write it for comfort. I wrote it to help those of you who want to win in this new age of social media, the Internet and information. The rules have changed and no one has had the courtesy to tell you they've changed -- until now."

Jim Keenan

Irreverent, direct, energetic, informal, and highly engaging, Keenan is not old school or your typical author. Keenan has lived the principles and approaches in Not Taught to grow his own successful business. And brings his experiences to his writing.

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